RFID Wristband

We offer RFID wristbands in a variety of materials, such as silicone, woven and plastic. We can customize a RFID bracelet to include your logo and we have a various range of color offerings. We have RFID wristbands for events, point of sale, keyless hotel rooms, access control & security, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty programs, and waterproof environments. Our goal is to help design a securely-sealed RFID bracelet that can reliably store and transfer data.


Our Wristband are available in:


Material: Silicone, Woven, Plastic.
Color: Black or customized
Optional Chips:

LF: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S etc.

HF : FM11RF08, MF Classic 1K S50, MF Classic 4K S70, MF UL, N203, TI2048, SRI512 etc.


Operating Frequency: LF/HF/UHF
Operating Temperature: -40º C to +100º C (Depends on chips and material)
Storage temperature: -40º C to +120º C (Depends on chips and material)
Read Distance: 0~20cm