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Photo ID Badges - Enhance School and Workplace Security

Critical to improving security in the workplace or a school, ID badges are a simple, inexpensive way to ensure everyone in a workspace belongs there and create a sense of community among members of an organization.

You can design your full-color ID badge and choose from several options, including:

  • Smart Card chips
  • Magnetic stripes
  • Barcodes
  • Personalization with thermal printing of names, employee/membership numbers and department
  • Circle and lanyard hole punches for quick, easy lanyard attachment

Your company will get quality ID badge printing from manufacturer Fortune, a top supplier and printer of standard plastic cards, clear cards, custom cards and more.

Our quality printing and manufacturing process provides you with durable, professional-looking badges made from hard-wearing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for durability and strength. We also offer you expert design services at competitive rates. Or, to reduce your costs, we can accept camera-ready art for printing.