PET/PETG are for polyethyleneterephthalate or polyethyleneterephthalate glycol; plastic developed as an

alternative to PVC for use in packaging; in contrast to PVC it does not produce chloride fumes when

burned, giving off only CO2 and H2O. Flexible, clear, robust, and light, it is also suitable for contact with

food, since no plasticizers or stabilizers are used in its manufacture.

We can create the look and functionality you want using a broad range of options, or you can submit

camera-ready artwork. From idea to finished product, you’ll receive quality workmanship and exceptional


Our cards are available in:

Full-color printing on one or both sides

White stock PET/PETG

Inkprinting for numbers or barcode

Overlay on one side or both sides

Standard rectangular size (2-1/8-in. by 3-3/8-in.) with rounded corners

Standard thicknesses (.0074-in. to .030-in.), as well as custom thicknesses