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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I place an order?

A:  You can send orders by e-mail or call us at 852-2617 5866.

Q:  Could I know the certain thickness of your cards?

A:  Sure, our cards start from .011 to .030 inches in thickness, you can ask special thicknes      also.

Q:  How long will it take to receive my cards?

A:   Approximately 10-14 working days from the time your order form and payment is
      received. Turnaround time also vary depending on options and quantities of orders.

Q:  When is payment expected?

A:   We require full payment before we begin to design or process your order.

Q:   Can I get a refund if I changed my mind on my order?

A:   Yes, you can cancel before we start our final approval. After we have received your       signature of approval for production there are no refunds. Cancellations before the
       final  approval are available for full refund. There is a US$25.00 service fee that is
       non- refundable.

Q:   Is there a minimum order?

A:   Yes, a minimum order of 300 cards is required.

Q:    If I am ordering clear cards and color matching is important. What information would
       I need to provide?

A:   On clear cards it is very hard to match colors exactly the way you want it. To match the
      color you want, we would need pantone colors. That way we could do our best and
      match the color as close as we can. Matching the colors you desire at 80-85% with
      pantone colors. It is impossible to match them 100%.